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Make Paying Bills PAYnless with BillPay!

Facing up to a stack of bills is a task few of us enjoy – finding the check book, tracking down a pen, and where are those stamps? Oh, and don't forget to put them in the mail before the due date. While you can’t avoid paying bills, you can make it PAYnless with BillPay.

BillPay is Cornerstone Credit Union's FREE online bill payment service. It's secure, fast and simple. If you’re a Mobile Banking user, all you need to do is set up your BillPay online. 


  • Send payments to virtually anyone in the U.S.1
  • Make same day / next day payments2
  • Make account to account transfers
  • Receive and pay selected bills electronically from leading merchants
  • Get reminder emails

It's easy. Log in to Mobile Banking. Click on the BillPay tab. You are on your way. Through BillPay you can also make account-to-account transfers and send money electronically using Popmoney.

Demonstration Videos

Need some help in walking through BillPay? Review our demonstration videos as often as you like, using the video’s navigation buttons as your guide: Bill Pay Video, Transfer-to-transfer Video, Popmoney Video.


1 Tax payments (federal, state and local) and court-ordered payments (i.e. child support, alimony, etc.) cannot be processed through bill payment systems, because their delivery cannot be guaranteed.

2Must have a Cornerstone Credit Union checking account and pay a minimum of one (1) bill per month via BillPay. BillPay is for personal use only. Other account related fees, such as overdrafts, still apply. Internet access is required. Read our full disclosure for more details.