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Board Members

Cornerstone Credit Union's Board of Directors serve as unpaid volunteers, elected by a democratic vote by members at CCU’s Annual Meeting.

Meet your Board of Directors

John Modica, Chair, HR and Nominating Committee
Wayne Radzi, Vice Chair, Credit, HR and Nominating Committee
Chris Beeler, Treasurer, ALIM Committee Chair
Valerie Rothermel-Nelson, Secretary, Membership & Marketing Committee
Natalie Mancosky, Supervisory Committee
Charles Beyer, Scholarship Committee Chair, Marketing & Membership Committee
Tony Honchar, Credit Committee Chair
Tiffany Nieman, Supervisory, HR and Nominating Committee
Dan Schoaf, Credit and Scholarship Committee
Carla Homan, ALIM and Scholarhip Committee

Additional Committee Volunteers

Brad Woods, Chair, Supervisory Committee
Alan Wenzel, Director. Supervisory Committee
Jim Phillips, Director, Supervisory Committee